Monday, February 14, 2011

Cameraless filmmaking.

I am loving camera-less filmmaking! I am really glad that we get to explore so many different methods of camera-less filmmaking, because each is unique and something that I may want to work with further in the future.

I found myself really intrigued with the idea that we could print onto the film strip, so I played around with that this past week and am REALLY excited to see how that turned out. For anyone who may be having problems with this method (the ink not drying onto the film strip) I think I have come up with a solution. =^..^=

What I did, is take an acid-free glue stick, and put a solid coating on the emulsion side of the film. (This was after taping it to the paper and covering the sprocket holes). Then after a minute or two, it was dry and I ran it through the printer as we were directed. It worked GREAT, and dried quite fast...I'd say under 10 minutes. Bam.

I did one strip in color, and one in black and white. I'm hoping to paint the black and white one today in class, because it looks really bad ass...I'm sure that will take up the entire class, however because of how small it is...but I think it will give it a really fun look, so I am excited to see what comes of it.

The only thing that is kind-of a pain with camera-less filmmaking is that we have to wait soooo long to see our finished product. When I animate I like to preview what I have every hour or so to see the progress and futher manipulate something if you want to. With camera-less, we have to wait to see it projected, and if somethings a bit off, you can't just go and fix it like you could an animation made in photoshop or after effects...but perhaps that is the beauty in it.

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