Monday, April 18, 2011

The Rough Theatre

"In other forums of architecture there is a relationship between conscious, articulate design and good functioning: a well-designed hospital may be more efficacious than a higgledy-piggledy one; but as for theatres, the problem of design cannot start logically. It is not a matter of saying analytically what are the requirements, how best they can be organized - this will usually bring into existence a tame, conventional, often cold hall."

This quote is from this weeks reading and I think best exemplifies this idea of "rough theatre." I believe that w atching films in various settings changes how you perceive a film and what kind of experience you take from it. Reading this article makes me think of the different types of theaters I've been into. Particularly, this reminds me of the "Silva screenings" we went to at the end of last semester at Jengo's which was a super fun screening to participate in.

It is important to recognize and appreciate the experiences that we have outside the typically movie theater because it changes the moviegoing experience completely. The setting in which you see a film has as much an impact as anything else on the experience and can enhance the viewing experience in new and unexpected ways.

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